Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

When your hair starts thinning, you may think that hair extensions are a big no-no. There are worries that you won’t have enough of your own hair to cover the extensions, and then you look even worse. The good news is hair extensions are a possibility. It’s all about finding the best ones and using them just right. Here are three tips for hair extension for thinning hair.

What Out for Clip Extensions

If you want something temporary, clip extensions could be an option. However, when it comes to thinning hair, the clip options could be too heavy. Manufacturers tend to add a lot of hair to one clip, meaning that they slip out easily.
When it comes to temporary extensions, look for halo ones that use the thin bands. They aren’t too heavy and the bands are thin and light enough to be hiding by a small amount of hair over the top.

Avoid Strand by Strand/Microbead Extensions

Out of all the options out there, strand by strand and microbead options are ones to completely avoid. Because of the material used to apply them, the hair can be damaged easily. This is going to be more visible if your hair is fine or already thin.
As the extensions are removed, hair is also lost. You don’t want to lose more than you already have because of a bad choice of extensions.

Try Taped In Extensions

These types of extensions are great for those with thin hair, because they are so light. The tape weft is also invisible, making it easy to hide the fact that you’re using them to thicken your hair. You will need to have these applied and they’re not quite as temporary as halo extensions—lasting three months—but they are a great semi-permanent option. If you regularly like to color your hair, limit it to three months when you get your extensions changed.

There are options for thinning hair and extensions. The trick is to find ones that are applied easily, aren’t too heavy or visible and protect your hair for the long run.

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